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FRS: We're Late! (Parade Entry) by HyaIite FRS: We're Late! (Parade Entry) by HyaIite
Class: Parade
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"Oh my gosh!"
These words rang though the entire stable early in the morning. It was late September, and the air was cold in the meadows, cold enough to make the stable residents slow and lazier than usual.
"Uhg, what is it, Pencil Sketch?" said a rose gray stallion, half asleep. His eyes were still closed for he was too tired to even think about opening them.
"We're late!" the mare replied, scrambling around the area, gathering miscellaneous pieces of tack.
"For what?"
"Do you know what day it is today?"
"The parade! We're late for the parade!"
At the sound of his mate's final sentence, he quickly woke himself fully in astonishment.
"That was today?" he explained, alarmed.
The Drammen Anniversary Parade. The sole event that the horse's had been training for for months. They had even been given brand new personalized tack and everything, and they had forgotten. They were expected to be there, everyone was, but now they were running out of time.
"I'll go wake the others, you start getting everything ready!" said Pencil Sketch, already galloping off.
"Um, yeah, right!" replied Hyacinthus.

Soon, the horse's were gathered around the area used to give the residents a bath, the place they all hated. Pencil Sketch started to scrub her filly, Sunset, with soap and water.
"Mommy!" said the filly, trying to get away from the soap and water. "I have to tell you something!
"Not right now!" she said. "And hold still!"
As Pencil Sketch and the other adult Drammens tried to prepare for the Parade at the very last minute, Pencil Sketch always found herself interrupted by "Mommy!" "Mommy!" "Mommy!"
"No, Sunset!" she's always reply. "Not now!"

Quickly, the horse's dashed out of the stable, still trying to make last minute adjustments. "Triumph! You're saddle is crooked, hold still for a moment!" said Windstorm to her son, pulling on the straps to his tack as they continued galloping along the road to were they were supposed to meet an hour ago.
"Mommy!" shouted Sunset, loudly. She would be heard this time.
"What is it?!" said Pencil Sketch, loosing her patience.
"We forgot Seal!"

K, not even half as good as the story could have been >.< But I'm siper tried right now. This was supposed to be uploaded a month ago but I forgot to color it. DX I hope I'm not too late!

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